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Unlocking Employee Engagement

The heartbeat of company culture.

Vityl crystallizes the core components of belonging to develop analytics and support tools that elevate employee engagement and effect meaningful organizational change.

What is belonging?

Belonging is the degree to which a person feels accepted for who they are, recognized for their unique contributions, and connected to people and purpose.

Real use cases. Real results.

Vityl’s scientific study found that belonging is the ultimate force multiplier for today’s teams. Key highlights of our research include:


Enduring fulfillment,
long-term loyalty

Employees that feel they belong are 24.7x more likely to feel satisfied with their job, 8.8x more likely to feel very engaged at work, and 5.5x more likely to intend to stay with an organization for their whole career.

Next-level network

Employees that feel they belong are 13.2x more likely to recommend their employer to friends and family.

Eager to immerse

73% of employees would welcome regular nudges and suggestions focused on driving belonging for themselves and others.

Belonging Decoded

The Vityl path to belonging.

ARC, activated.

Vetted via two nationwide surveys of more than 1000 professionals and validated against other rigorous research studies, Vityl’s proprietary Acceptance, Recognition, and Connection (ARC) Model of Belonging is the foundation for its belonging score algorithm. Vityl consolidates this data on an intuitive dashboard for HR leaders, enabling them to view verified belonging metrics over time and across teams.

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Backed by science.
Built for people.

Vityl distills the complex with a fresh, fun employee engagement interface that empowers individuals to take small steps that make a big impact on their sense of belonging.

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