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Elevating Employee Performance

Vityl offers a simplified yet effective approach to sharing feedback, driving impactful insights and fostering a culture where teams grow and improve together.

Why Performance Feedback?

Effective feedback is pivotal for employee growth, motivation, and connection to purpose. With Vity, the feedback process is streamlined and augmented with AI to make it more meaningful, actionable, and timely.

Continuous Feedback Drives Performance

Employees typically aren’t fans of conventional performance evaluations. Studies by Harvard Business Review and Gartner show that shifting to continuous feedback can decrease turnover by 15% and amplify performance by 12%.


reduction in turnover


improvement in performance


improvement in feedback effectiveness


Feedback When and How It’s Needed

With Vityl, feedback is not restricted to annual reviews. Our platform supports anytime 360 feedback, ensuring that insights are timely, relevant, and holistic, reflecting an employee’s true performance over time.

Empowering Fairness in Feedback

Do you know if your people are getting the feedback they need to thrive? Vityl’s Equity Analyzer tool measures equity and prompts managers to act if discrepancies are detected, ensuring fair access to feedback for all.

Transform Feedback into Actionable Insights

Vityl’s Performance module isn’t just about feedback—it’s about meaningful insights. With our AI-driven features, feedback is transformed into actionable recommendations, ensuring feedback is not just given but also acted upon.

Revolutionizing Performance Reviews

Vityl’s AI doesn’t just stop at feedback. It elevates the entire review process by generating performance reviews that seamlessly summarize feedback, recognition, and cultural activities, offering a holistic view of an employee’s contribution and growth.

Seamless Integration with Slack

Our Slack integration ensures feedback is accessible and immediate. Whether it’s a piece of praise or constructive feedback, it can be put right in front of the team when it matters the most.

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