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What are nudges? How do they work?

Nudges prompt activities and provide belonging-related resources to inspire behavioral change.

Informed by employee data and linked to overarching belonging goals, Vityl’s nudges allow organizations to drive key objectives and track ongoing progress. Vityl leverages artificial intelligence to evolve nudges as employee needs evolve, delivering an increasingly precise product that yields higher employee engagement over time.

How does Vityl support culture objectives for companies with a hybrid or remote workforce?
How does Vityl ensure that employees actively and meaningfully participate in surveys? Our company has experienced low survey engagement in the past.
How does Vityl track our organization’s progress towards achieving belonging-related goals?
How will Vityl help our organization generate and analyze belonging-related data?
What role does the administrator play in Vityl?
Does Vityl integrate with third-party applications?
Does Vityl require training for employees or administrators?
Does Vityl provide customer support?
Is there a free trial available?
How does billing work?
What happens if we onboard or offboard employees?