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Elevating employee engagement

Where your
team belongs.

Vityl cracks the code on company culture, cultivating belonging and fostering ongoing employee engagement to build more connected, collaborative, and successful workplaces.


The culture catalyst
for modern businesses.

Belonging is critical to a thriving workplace, but few organizations know how to assess, advance, and sustain it. Enter Vityl, your roadmap to happier people and higher performance.

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To assess your organization’s belonging

Measurable goals

That enhance your unique

Tailored nudges

To bring your teams

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Leveraging research for real change.

We’ve done the work so you don’t have to. Developed by a team of HR specialists and academic leaders shaping the culture of world-class companies, Vityl’s data-driven employee engagement software is informed by industry best practices and a scientific model of belonging.


Why Recognition is Important — and How to Create a Culture of Recognition at Work

In the workplace, recognition can come in many forms, from formal awards or bonuses to more informal gestures like a ‘good job’ ping from a manager. Whatever form it takes, recognition is a powerful tool that can boost employee morale, motivation, and performance.


Workplace Connections: The Key to Belonging

Our workplace relationships can have a deep impact on our professional and personal lives. Studies show that strong social connections at work can lead to increased job satisfaction and motivation, lower stress levels, and even better physical health.


A Culture of Belonging Starts with Acceptance

For a lot of us, a great work experience includes feeling like we’re in an environment where we can truly thrive. It’s about feeling supported by our colleagues, encouraged to grow and develop, and feeling like we’re able to do our best work without constantly worrying about judgment.

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