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Elevating employee engagement

Where teams build and
celebrate excellence.

Vityl’s platform seamlessly integrates culture, recognition, and performance, promoting an environment where employees truly belong and thrive.


The culture catalyst
your organization needs.

The quest for belonging, recognition, and success is universal. Vityl offers the platform to analyze, amplify, and appreciate your team’s culture and achievements.

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Vityl Recognition
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Reinforcing culture and belonging by using survey data to set goals and inspire action.


Amplifying the value of every contribution, making recognition timely, and fostering motivation.


Revolutionizing feedback and reviews, ensuring they are actionable, fair, and promote growth.

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Leveraging research for real change.

We’ve done the work so you don’t have to. Developed by a team of HR specialists and academic leaders shaping the culture of world-class companies, Vityl’s data-driven employee engagement software is informed by industry best practices and a scientific model of belonging.


Why Employee Recognition is Key in the Future of Work

Navigating the future of work and crafting a productive workplace culture demands more than just the use of technology. At the core of this evolution is the powerful tool of employee recognition programs.


How AI-Driven Nudges Can Transform a Company’s Performance

In the realm of modern business operations, the use of AI, or artificial intelligence, is no longer just a luxury—it’s a necessity. A significant impact of AI that’s catching the attention of business leaders is its ability to craft simple nudges. These AI-driven strategies have the potential to reinvent the wheel in terms of employee engagement, performance, and retention.


The Future of Work and the Rise of AI-Powered Culture

In today’s world, as we navigate the burgeoning age of digital technology, the future of work is becoming synonymous with the future of artificial intelligence (AI). From machine learning to deep learning and generative AI, these technological innovations are significantly reshaping job roles, creating new jobs, and altering the traditional work processes.

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