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Vityl Beta Launching September 2022

Ready for a sneak peek?

We’re excited to partner with innovative teams and organizations to start building belonging ahead of our full launch. Not only will people love the platform, your organization will love the perks for being an early adopter!

Beta Details

When: Fall 2022
Beta Trial Period: 3 Months
Requirement: Ability to try Vityl with at least 20 people, ideally across two or more teams.

Let’s Talk Beta Benefits.

We’ll help you build a comprehensive understanding of employee belonging and engagement, empowering leader and employees to take new actions and create culture together.


Post-beta discounts

Prepare to save on a resource your employees will love! When you convert to a paid account, we’ll provide a great discount on an annual contract as our thanks for being a beta customer.

No price increases

Whether you convert to a monthly or annual paid subscription, we’ll keep the per user price the same for your organization for at least one year.

Hands-on customer success

Partner directly with our founding team to use Vityl to its fullest potential, request the features you need, and analyze your return on investment.

Transformational for Organizations

Why do People teams love Vityl?

The impact of belonging is transformational on employee engagement, performance, and retention. Designed to address your organization’s specific roadblocks, Vityl empowers people teams to make tangible progress and eliminate the need for complex culture plans and playbooks.


Unleash the power of promoters.

Workplace culture, team engagement, and job satisfaction thrive when people feel like they belong. Research shows that there is a massive 57 point eNPS score increase for employees that feel they belong compared to those that don’t feel they belong. Read more here.

Inspire greater confidence and performance.

People that feel they belong are 3x more likely to see themselves as high performers. A sense of workplace belonging instills the confidence necessary take risks, stay focused on positive performance, and bring our best selves to work.

Keep your top talent.

Did you know that employees who feel like they belong to a company are 8.7x more likely to remain in their position for the next year and 5.5x more likely to stay with a company for their entire career? Employees with a strong sense of belonging are more likely to feel passionate about growing and developing within the organization.

Designed to be a platform your people love.

Light and Seamless

Vityl meets your employees where they are by supporting them in the flow of work, minimizing noise and interruptions while setting a light and realistic pace to sustain meaningful engagement.

Relevant and Timely

Vityl suggests helpful actions and resources at critical moments, inspiring personal and professional development throughout the employee journey based on their unique belonging and engagement needs.

Empowering and Real

Vityl empowers employees to understand and experience the impact of their contributions to company culture, building a shared sense of ownership and accountability for genuine culture change.

Did we mention you can try Vityl for free?

Vityl is available for a free beta trial for a limited time and a limited number of organizations. Join our community of innovative partners and start realizing the benefits of belonging this fall!